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Thomas Hybrid Hive(TM) $449.00 SOLD OUT (2015)

TH2 assembled as shown below:                 

Assembled TH2 with 1 Transfer Deep Hive Body, Steel Legs, TH2 TopBARS, two expander bars, water boards with two glass Qt jars and perforated standard caps are included.

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Patent Pending   Copyright
Thomas Hybrid Hive(TM) $650.00 SOLD OUT (2015)

TH2 assembled complete with three medium supers
& TH2 TopBARS                           
as shown above:
Assembled TH2 with Transfer Supers and Steel Legs

1- Thomas Hybrid Hive Body
1- Langstroth 8 frame Deep Hive Body with TH2 TopBARS(TM)  
2- Langstroth 8 frame Medium Super with TH2 TopBARS(TM)
1- Langstroth 10 frame Medium Super with TH2 TopBARS(TM) 
    Langstroth frames not included 
2- TH2 WaterBoards with quart Mason Jars and Perforated Caps
1- TH2 TopBAR Hanger set
1- TH2 IPM Sheet
1- TH2 Ventilation Retractable Wood Bottom Board
1- TH2 Hinged 1/8" Screened Bottom Board 
3- Color coded entry port Discs
2- Expander Boards - one solid and one with hole opening & cork
1- Viewing Window with Wood Shutter
1- Small Telescoping roof - fits any Langstroth 8 frame box
1- Large TH2 Hive Body Telescoping Roof
4- Steel Legs with black top cap covers (not painted)

TH2 arrives assembled. except for two panels with legs attached needs a Phillips screw driver to attach screws (12 provided) onto each end of TH2 Body

TH2 is not stained or painted. Paint or stain with Low to No VOC=Volatile Organic Compound. Paint or stains outside surface area only. Do not stain or paint where honeybee will live in or walk-on.

LEGS Options - 
1. four, 48" tall steel legs for securing into ground footer. 48" legs height is standard with each order.  
2. *custom cut legs height, cut to height for your comfort on deck /rooftops. Each plate is securely welded onto bottom of each leg. The plate has four holes for attachment to a surface with screws or bolts & nut. 
Customer will need to determine what type of screws or bolts & nuts will be best for their deck/rooftop surface to attach TH2  legs plate. Screws, Bolts & Nuts for deck/rooftop plate not included.
* an additional cost option $60.00 we need to know the desired length of legs measurements in inches; take measurement from your hip 'belt area' to ground.
Viewing Window with removable wood shutter
TH2 WATERBOARD holds Quart size glass mason jar with perforated cap.
Fits Langstroth hive body entrance too!

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Hinged screen bottom allows for the hive steward to practice Integrated Best Management for monitoring and easy winter and spring screen bottom board clean out of fallen hive debris and expired honeybees to minimize pathogen build-up for overall colony health.
1st place award
Thomas Hybrid Hive Complete

The Thomas Hybrid Hive™ is standardized!  Thomas Hybrid Hive™ marries hive types, the Langstroth Hive, and the Kenya Top Bar, with interchange hive TopBARS™. Whether you are rearing brood, transferring brood or placing frames into and out of supers for honey has become easier. A real time and money saver!

  1. Naturally built wax comb on movable and interchangeable topBARS™ allows for healthier honeybees and cleaner honey.
    1. Angled and standardized rough cut poplar seasoned, and air dried timber topBARS™ encourage honeybees to propolize mill grooves on angled surface, helping wax comb to adhere naturally and more securely to topBAR™ minimizing wax comb break away.
    2. Rough cut seasoned poplar and pine timbers provides better thermoregulation within colony and hive cavity from cold, heat, moisture and ventilation.
    3. Adjustable and removable ventilation board helps regulate hive drafts and ventilation.
    4. Viewing Window with wooden removal shutter
    5. The hinged screen bottom allows for the hive steward to practice Integrated Best Management for monitoring and easy winter and spring screen bottom board clean out fallen hive debris and expired honeybees to minimize pathogen build-up for overall health of the colony.
    6. Multiple hive entry ports with adjustable openings and color coded provides for honeybee easy hive entry recognition minimizing drifting into the wrong hive cavity. The hive entry port disk is uniquely colored to maximize honeybee’s ability to locate its unique home. Based on the principals laid out by the late Dr. Karl Von Frisch’s pioneering work on honeybee vision, the Thomas Hybrid Hive entry port disk are colored violet, blue, and orange and/or yellow, are the most recognizable colors to honeybees. Von Frisch’s work was instrumental in establishing both that honeybees can see specific colors, but also their behaviors can be modified. Each color helps honeybees narrow in on their hive entrance opening. Adjustable opening sizes mimic natural hive entry size desired by honeybees (Dr. Thomas Seeley researched preferred honeybee cavity opening and their sizes desired by honeybee colonies).  Multiple colors entry port discs allows the Thomas Hybrid Hive™ cavity to be adjustable and accommodating to multiple colonies. Each colony entry opening function can be easily regulate and opening varying in size: from Queen rearing colony, nucleus colony, colony divides simply by minimize and maximize cavity volume by way of the movable expander boards.
    7. Movable expander boards are solid or solid with an opening that maybe cork to provide for easy movement of honeybees to expand into designated cavity size. Especially helpful when combining two or splitting colonies.
    8. Retractable, removable bottom board and washable Integrated Pest Management (IPM) board help reduce pathogen build up in the hive cavity with monitoring and clean up an ease.
    9. Angled entrance board protects cavity entry port from in climate weather and entry blockage.
    10. Securable roof to the hive bodies allows for colony security. Roof style deflects unfavorable weather and rough wood interior allow moisture to be wicked away from colony. Langstroth 8 frame deep and /or medium bodies fit securely onto either end of the Thomas Hybrid Hive™ body. The two Roofs, horizontal (Thomas Hybrid Hive™) roof and the vertical transition box roof (Langstroth Hive-pitched or flat telescoping roof) minimize cumbersome handling of one large roof.
    11. For easy viewing of colony without disturbance honeybees on topBARS™, glass viewing window into colony, by way of a removable and securable wood shutter covers double strength recycled glass window opening securely.
    12. Four steel legs, each 56 inches tall, anchors the Thomas Hybrid Hive™ into ground footers, providing hive stability, security and adjustableTH²™  hive height.  We also have an four screw hole steal plate weld attachment to the bottom of each leg (additional cost), should hive legs need to be anchored onto a solid (concrete or  wood) base.
    13. External glass quart size jars on TH² Waterboards™ allow for secure and easy access for water foraging honeybees and honeybee stewards monitoring colony water intake with minimized colony disturbance. Providing honeybee access to fresh water minimizes water foraging honeybees the distance and the colony exposure to contaminated non-point source polluted waters.  Each TH² Waterboard™ has a water weeping hole preventing water build-up in the bottom of TH² Waterboard well. Each glass mason jar has a perforated cap which is removable, replaceable and washable. Ball Mason Jars are made in the USA.
    14. Polished Aluminum TH2 TopBAR Hangers are attached to two legs and are foldable into an upward closed position when not in use. 

TopBARS™ are interchangeable into Langstroth hive bodies (8 or 10 frame) and back again into the Thomas Hybrid Hive™. Transferrable equipment means more time, money saved and easy accommodating honeybee needs while minimizing colony stress.


The Thomas Hybrid Hive™ was designed and developed by Meme Thomas for stewarding healthy and productive honeybees with all natural methods and practices.

The Thomas Hybrid Hive™ is made from fallen seasoned popular and pine timbers, air dried, milled and constructed by the careful hands of the Thomas families.   Quality assurance is in the name! 

       *All materials used in and on the Thomas Hybrid Hive™ are made and/or sourced from family owned        

         businesses located in Maryland, USA.                                                                    100% MADE in the USA         

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